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Too Much Information??

ODS – What Is It ?

(Jan 2) The 2015 ODS is now available!

The ODS does not work well with certain versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. For best results we recommend Chrome or Safari on a full Windows or Mac OSX PC. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Due to it's complexity, the ODS has a rather small (but ardent) user base and unfortunately does pay for itself. But we will continue to maintain the existing ODS so long as there is a browser that supports it.

The Online Draft Simulator (ODS) allows users to produce a computer generated model of the 2015 NFL Draft.  Four input screens  provide numerous options for representing team needs or modeling trades.   The DraftTek staff updates these input screens regularly with best guess data.    Users can choose those preset values, or make changes to suit their personal view.   After making changes (if desired), the user can then generate a 7-round mock draft.




1)   New Simulation – To begin a new simulation, select the “New Simulation” button to the right.  All values will be set to the current preset values supplied by Draft Tek staff.

2)   Re-Edit Custom Inputs If you have previously created a mock draft with your own input set, and would like to continue working with your own values, select the “Re-Edit Custom Inputs” button.

3)   Quick Intro new users might be overwhelmed by complexities involved in the ODS.  The Quick Intro section provides a step-based instruction set that will allow users to quickly run a simulation and then make a customization.  And then re-run based on the new input set.



The Online Draft Simulator is unique to DraftTek, and offered free of charge to users.  DraftTek derives revenue from the advertisements you see on the pages (we do not use the annoying page takeover ads).   Please disable “Ad-blocker” programs so that we can keep the ODS free of charge.


For a more detailed introduction to the ODS, please visit the Help-Intro page.




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