DraftTek Terminology and Definitions

Drafttek uses a series of positional terms that may otherwise be considered non-standard. Some, like QB, TE, CB need no explanation. Here are definitions for others:

WRF - The F was originally for "Feature" when we previously had three Wide Receiver positions in the DRAFTSIM; however, it's now effectively the position for receivers that would predominantly line up at the X or Z positions in an offense. In short, it's the receivers that are big enough to handle lining up on the outside, even though they are capable of shifting inside, depending on the team/coach/formation.

WRS - Some teams may want to draft special-purpose Wide Receivers to complement their existing WR corps. Generally, we refer to under-sized prospects who are either super-fast, elusive, or may predominantly line up in the slot, given their skill set (yes we recognize that teams may line up any receiver in the slot at given times). These WRS receivers, it is hoped, will create mismatches in opposing defenses, take attention away from the #1 WR and result in improved offensive output for the team. We created "WRS" for our DRAFTSIM model so that team analysts can isolate this need, if desired. Some players may have the physical attributes of a "special-purpose" receiver, but they end up being a team's #1, a la Steve Smith or Antonio Brown, so it doesn't necessarily mean that because a guy is designated as a WRS that he can't develop into a "Feature" receiver.

RBF - A "Full-Feature" Running Back with a blend of size, speed and power with the durability to handle a primary workload role for the offense.

RBC - A smaller Running Back who will possess the characteristics of speed, elusiveness, and quickness. These prospect will generally be paired with a larger RB to create a "thunder and lightning" combination. Opposing defenses who are stacked to stop one type of RB may have difficulties with the other. The prospects who are identified as RBC are often viewed as dual-purposed with special teams in mind. We created "RBC" for our DRAFTSIM model so that team analysts can isolate this need, if desired. The "C" in "RBC" can stand for "Change of Pace".

OC - Offensive Center. Just a Center. "Offensive" was added for no particular reason.

OG - Offensive Guard

DL1T - "1-Technique" Defensive Lineman. DL1T covers pure "0-technique" Nose Tackles and 1-Technique DL in the 3-4 defense (2-gap coverage). Also strong-side 2-gap DL in the 4-3 alignment.

DL3T - "3-Technique" Defensive Lineman responsible for 1-gap penetration. Generally the DL3T represents the weakside DT in a 4-3 alignment.

DL5T - "5-Technique" Defensive Lineman generally represents our replacement for a 3-4 DE, but may also represent a 4-3 DE who is charged with run support.

EDGE - OLB34 and pass-rushing DE43's are collapsed and re-branded as "EDGE" Rushers.

OLB - OLB43 is rebranded as simply "OLB"

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